Helly Hansen Women’s Crew Midlayer Jacket


Windproof, breathable jacket for Women

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Helly Hansen Crew Midlayer Jacket Women’s: Ultimate Warmth & Adaptability

Inshore sailing requires the ability to adjust to shifting conditions. The Helly Hansen Women’s Crew Midlayer Jacket fills that need by offering the additional warmth and adaptability you want. To keep warm, comfortable, and ready for anything the sea throws at you, this unisex sailing jacket is a crucial middle layer for your Helly Hansen three-layer strategy.

The Helly Hansen women’s crew midlayer jacket has a fashionable and functional design. Because of its fitting form, it may be worn in various weather conditions and fits easily under an outer shell. This jacket will protect you from strong winds, light rain, and unexpected decreases in temperature.

Standout Features of the Helly Hansen W Crew Midlayer Jacket

  • Two-Layer Lined Construction: The jacket’s two-layer design provides superior wind and water resistance while maintaining your comfort and dryness. This jacket will shield you from drizzles and ocean spray, allowing you to concentrate on sailing.
  • Fleece-Lined Comfort: The fleece-lined pockets and collar provide an additional layer of softness and warmth. Enjoy cosy comfort and bid farewell to the cold weather of your sailing excursions. In addition to keeping you warm, the fleece lining elevates your experience.
  • Cuffs that can be Adjusted: The HH womens crew midlayer jacket has cuffs that can be adjusted to meet your preferences. Keep your wrists tight and weatherproof while keeping the elements out.
  • Embroider-Friendly: This jacket is ready for you to add a name, team logo, or other custom design to make it uniquely yours. Because of its easily customisable design, adding your personal touch is a breeze.
  • Handwarmer Pockets: When sailing, cold hands can be distracting. An intelligent inclusion, the handwarmer pockets offer a comfortable place to put your hands while preserving your dexterity.
  • Fitted, Hip-Length Style: This jacket’s hip-length style guarantees that it stays in place while you walk and looks fantastic. You can concentrate on your sailing abilities instead of worrying about the jacket riding up.

Every sailor needs a w crew midlayer jacket by Helly Hansen. It is a valuable addition to your sailing equipment because of its comfort, style, and capacity to adjust to changing conditions. During your nautical adventures, this jacket will help keep you warm and comfortable, regardless of your level of sailing experience.

So why hold off? The Women’s Crew Midlayer Jacket from Helly Hansen will enhance your sailing experience. Get yours now to take advantage of staying dry and toasty while taming the waves. Matthews of Cork is a leading retailer of Helly Hanson jackets in Ireland. Get yours today.

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